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Frequently Asked Questions



What is a pre-wedding Skype session?


Your 45-minute Skype consultation will include a thorough discussion of wedding-day details, ideas, inspiration and any concerns. You will then receive a scanned copy of a completed face chart mapping our wedding day look!


What happens at a trial?


The trial application includes a thorough verbal consultation, foundation match up and eye demo accompanied by a face chart that will outline color choices and placement to ensure a seamless and stress-free day.  This takes approximately 90 minutes.



What is airbrush makeup?


Airbrush foundation uses the combination of air and product to create an incredibly light-weight base that looks natural. Here are some of the many reasons I love airbrush:

-It is buildable so depending on the look we are trying to achieve, we can create a super sheer or full coverage makeup that looks natural and photographs beautifully.

-It is sweat proof and cry proof.

-It is tenacious and will last all day, but it is non-comedogenic and will not compromise your skin.

-It is transfer proof! No need to worry about leaving marks on anyone that you hug OR your beautiful dress!


Do you travel?


Yes – while trials are held in my studio, wedding-day makeup will be applied at the venue of your choice. Packages include travel to destinations up to 20 miles from 14526. Additional travel fees apply to locations over 20 miles (please see Bridal Services page).


Quick thoughts on faux lashes:


Although every package includes faux lashes, you can opt out of lash application, however, if you give them a try I can assure you that you won’t want to! I have a range of lashes in my kit that fit the most conservative to the boldest/expressive individual. My bridal favorites are virtually undetectable in person, but make a huge difference in photographs.

Tiffany Loveless Makeup Artistry


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