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New Studio!!!! I am clearly not really all that excited....

Ok, but I am! Morgan Dawson Photography and Tiffany Loveless Makeup Artistry now officially have our very own space. It is totally true. Well, we've had it for a bit, BUT we have been working so hard to transform the space into one that speaks to our personalities. As of this week we have finally been using it! We are still fine tuning things, but it has been so fun! We laid floors, we painted, put furniture together... we used hammers and crowbars and all kinds of fun stuff! I wish I had pictures to prove this...

We are proud to say that we are part of the space at Art and Vintage on Main Street in East Rochester and for any of you that have been there for an event, you know how much charm and history this place has. Once the season slows down for the both of us, we hope to invite you all in to come and check it out!

For now, I will only be able to share one photo (website provider is working on supporting multiple photos-not quite there yet), but I promise to share more once I can! Check my Facebook page to see more!

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