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Congratulations Sabrina and Adam!!!

What an amazing day! I knew when I first spoke to Sabrina that she and I were going to be BFF's... She had a love for MAC and she knew her MAC! We got to share all (ok most-let's be honest we would probably be on the phone for days) of our most favorite products. Being from Maryland we spoke often and Skyped which was so helpful in creating a shared vision pretty seamless. Technology is amazing! Unless, of course, you ask me on a day that my email decides to eat responses on a whim and make life really exciting... THEN I may say differently.

But, I digress. Sabrina's vision was unique and incredibly glamorous and I just knew that her wedding was going to be one of the most beautiful events ever! Her dress was a gorgeous champagne and was intricately detailed with lace and the perfect amount of crystals. Her entire look paired with the breathtaking grounds of the Belhurst truly made for a glamorous and unforgettable wedding day!

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