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Ole Henriksen Brightening Things Up!!!

I received a box full of amazing goodies from Ole Henriksen and Influenster for testing purposes .... and just so happened to fall in love!

I have always struggled with skin issues and I thought I had left them back in high school, but unfortunately the skin issues tagged along for the wild ride. SO frustrating!!!!! Now throw in being a mom to 2 young boys into the situation and let the games begin. My skin needed an intervention... fortunately mine arrived in a bright orange box.

The packaging was incredibly bright and fun and I was super excited to unwrap all of my new goodies. Here are the products I received and my ultimate thoughts on each! The 3 step Power Bright series:

-Step 1 - Polish... Great texture, smelled amazing, skin felt incredibly invigorated and rid of all the nasty skin cells that needed to go.

-Step 2 - Brighten with the 25% Vitamin C Concentrate. This product felt super silky ... almost like a primer with silicone in it and it felt dreamy. I found this step to feel a "tingly" sensation especially in areas where I had irritated acne.

-Step 3 - Glow... Melting Cleanser...Smooth and gel-like. After this final step was completed I felt that my skin was squeaky clean and incredibly healthy and happy.

Truth Serum

-Went on smooth, felt great and I found it to be fast-absorbing and incredibly weightless.

Sheer Transformation Moisturizer

-I was super excited to use this because it claims to help reduce dark spots and help with uneven texture and tone. Felt amazing but the best part... I saw a difference after just 3 days!

Complexion Sponges

-These little guys I loved the most!!! Once they touched water they doubled in size and I felt that they really helped to effectively remove all of the products that I had used..


I would totally buy these products and I plan on it! Vegan product line.... paraben-free... citrus scent. I was sad that I had only 3 days to try the Power Bright Series because I could see in just the 3 days that this line was going to work miracles for me!!

-Sheer Transformation Moisturizer

-Cleansing Sponges

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