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Brittany & Keegan

On June 9th, 2018 at Crispin Hill, I had the pleasure of working with this gorgeous bride, Brittany. We had so much fun creating this makeup... Like, SO much fun that Brittany left our trial with 2 different eyes, confidently. And it was intentional! I know, I know, but wait, hear me out...

In my opinion, a trial is all about trying options out and creating a collaborative makeup that leaves the guest feeling his/her best. SO, although generally I wouldn't want to have a guest leave with

2 different looks, we could not decide and I felt it was best for her to live in the look(s); have some time to get opinions, take lots of photos and just stare at herself for the rest of the day. Yes, part of my homework following a trial involves staring at yourself lots. :) As I am sure you will notice, Brittany is stunning so 2 different eye makeups or not, she still walked out looking incredible.

Take a look below to see the makeup that won us over!


This wedding was breathtaking. It was an incredible day filled with an energy and love that is indescribable. The colors, the view, the vendors.. all incredible. So incredible that I drove back to Rochester that day with THE biggest smile on my face, which I am sure to any bystanders that I passed on the thruway MAY have come across as a little creepy. But, I'm totally ok with that. :)

Brittany and Keegan, it was an honor to work with you and I wish you all the very best. Congratulations!!!

Makeup: Tiffany Loveless Makeup Artistry

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