Airbrush-Why it is so awesome!

I have to be honest... it took me a handful of years to jump into airbrush because I wasn't sold on it. Although I love to learn new things, I also admittedly tend to be a creature of habit and, some may say, more "old school". I like my traditional tools, ok? "My brushes work just fine!" right? Well, yes and no.

I really feel like airbrush is going to come down to preference, but as a professional I can't say enough about the benefits of it. It literally changed my life and how I do makeup. If you talk to Morgan Dawson of Morgan Dawson Photography, she can talk to you for some time about how it changed HER life and, more specifically, her editing process!

In terms of longevity and tenacity, I say it is really hard to beat. I've used airbrush in the middle of the summer with Morgan Dawson Photography and our lovely seniors in the beating sun and the makeup does NOT move.

For my bridal clients, airbrush is an infallible choice because it is sweat-proof, tear-proof and it will not transfer to our beautiful wedding gown OR the guests we hug throughout the day.