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Why go pro?

My Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist

  1. Wedding photographers work so hard to ensure that all of those special moments are captured and are ready to be treasured forever. A professional makeup artist ensures that you look your very best in each and every one of those photos. Although you may do an amazing job on your everyday makeup, for your big day hire someone who specializes in makeup for photography.

  2. You are front and center and all eyes are on you!

  3. Purchasing the makeup to achieve that ideal wedding day look quickly adds up when you choose to do it yourself. Products that, perhaps, may never see the light of day again!

  4. Likewise, it is YOUR big day: Get pampered and have a professional take care of you. One less thing to worry about!

  5. Specialized training and years of experience assist makeup artists in addressing any skin concerns while maintaining that you are photo ready! Did you know that foundations with an SPF in them will wash you out in flash photography?

  6. Tears of joy are a worry no more! All of the primers, techniques and setting powders will keep that makeup in place.

  7. Longevity? Airbrush makeup is sweat proof and water resistant. Your makeup is sure to stay in place as you dance the night away! Did I mention that Airbrush makeup is also transfer resistant? With all the hugs you may be receiving on your big day, this may come in useful!

  8. Professional makeup artists are skilled at making sure that you look your best both in person AND in photographs.

  9. Makeup is tailored to you. Professional makeup artists know how to choose the colors best for you and your unique coloring. This will be especially important when choosing eye and lip colors that compliment you and your skin-tone and features and also in acquiring a customized and beautiful foundation match.

  10. You get what you pay for. Book with a professional whose work and portfolio speak to you and whose reviews reflect a well-balanced, strong and professional artist.

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