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Sunday Fun Day...

Today I played with a new hair style and some warmer summer colors for my personal look. I feel relatively confident saying that I have mastered (or I am getting pretty darn close) getting ready for my work day in a handful of minutes. With two little dudes under the age of 3, I can never be sure as to what I will find once I return to the living room. The most recent has been a full box of spilled cheerios that were thoroughly enjoying their time down a Little People's nature slide. I'm sure the cheerios had a blast...but, I digress...

What is especially exciting is that I am not wearing all black today!! Whaaaaaaaaat?!! Strangely enough, I didn't feel that awkward about it. :)

My day began with a boudoir session at A Touch of Elegance Photography. Our guest today just so happened to also be a bride that I am super excited to be working with in September! What a great groom's gift idea, right??

I then traipsed over to the new studio that I share with Morgan Dawson Photography. We enlisted the help of 4 stunning models to complete a full editorial/bridal shoot to update my portfolio. These women were SO incredible.. Morgan obviously included. She even let me put a pair of faux lashes on her before we left for the day!

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