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Guest Blog| 2015 Wedding Trends

This week's guest blogger is design coordinator Joelle from Pauleen Anne Design and she has me itching for a vow renewal! Read below as Joelle shares the 2015 wedding trends that everyone is talking about!

Wedding season is about to be in full swing in the coming months! One of the most fun parts about planning (and attending) weddings is that although they are traditional ceremonies in general, the trends are always changing. Read below to find out what the major trends will be for weddings in 2015!

{1} Royal Elegance Theme: There are multiple themes making their way into the scene this year, but a major one is a collaboration between classic and elegant weddings with a twist of a British Invasion. Rustic weddings have been on the scene for the past several years, so some brides are taking back the tradition of an elegant affair. You can still have a luxe wedding with a laid back and intimate atmosphere though, so the ease of casual weddings are not lost! Have bold and bright colors with a royal twist by adding metallics and big florals.

{2} Lush & Wild Flowers: Many brides are opting for lush bouquet of bright and beautiful florals, such as the ever popular english roses, peonies and hydrangeas. However, some savvy women are taking their lush bouquets into their own hands, literally, and making their own arrangements out of wild flowers that grow in their local region. We love this laid-back attitude that will result in beautiful flowers none-the-less.

{3} Hanging Decor: Forget the usual centerpieces, look up and you may see hanging decor at weddings this year! Many brides are choosing to hang their floral arrangements from the ceiling, or use large balloons or lanterns to make a large space feel more intimate. We love this updated wedding decor trend!

{4} A Farm-to-Table Meal: This trend has been in restaurants over the past few years, and is now gaining more popularity for weddings. Not only is the food local and seasonal but is often shared in a "family style" manner so that the guests will get talking at the table and share a more intimate meal. Pair the food with local beers and wines for a very memorable wedding experience!

{5} Wedding Dress Times Three: The trend of brides changing into a more casual yet just as stunning dress for the wedding reception has been around for years, however, a trend we will see this year is brides changing into a third dress for the dance after-party. We understand that picking out just one wedding dress is a major decision, so why not make it a little easier and choose three that you love!

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