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Ultimate Senior Photoshoot: Abby K

What an exciting day we had! As with all of our senior photo sessions, we began at the studio where we paired locations with Abby's amazing wardrobe and created our first hair and makeup look. Our Ultimate sessions, as compared to our Classic sessions, are especially amazing because I get to go along on the shoot and create multiple looks and touch ups to compliment new locations a​​nd outfits. So much fun!​​

On Abby's shoot we had sun and we had rain and we had sun again all of which made for a very exciting day. You would never know looking at Abby's photos because Morgan also happens to be either a magician or a pretty decent meteorologist and we managed to time everything pretty perfectly. Minus this brief moment that I was caught under an umbrella, holding a reflector and wearing a camera to hold our spot. It's always an adventure!

Abby was hilarious, so sweet and most certainly a great sport. This sneak peek is only a small representation of the amazing photos that Morgan caught that day. Can't wait for you to see them all Abby!!!!

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